To 5 Free Call Blocker Apps for Android

Here are the best 5 call blocker apps for Android phones and tablets. This list is the most updated one.


  1. Calls Blacklist
  2. Call Blocker
  3. Blacklist Plus
  4. Truecaller
  5. Safest Call blocker


Calls Blacklist

This app blocks both unwanted calls and SMS. This app is easy to use and lightweight. One can use this app without a long learning curve. The user can block any user from her contacts list. It also helps you to block unknown numbers manually. this app does not consume much battery or CPU power.

Call Blocker

Call blocker helps you to block unwanted calls from sales person or other unwanted fellows. It is developed by “AndroidRock”. It is a popular and successful app. The file size of this app is very small (810 KB).

Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus is a great free Android app to block unwanted calls. It can block the calls in two ways – bay hanging up or by silencing the call. In the 1st case the user will get a call disconnected tone and in the second case the he will hear the ring but the user will not be disturbed.

Vlad Lee is the developer of this app. the footprint of this app is very small (202K).


Truecaller is the most popular among all the call blocking Android apps. It has more than 2 million reviews and among these more than 1.5 million are five stars, amazing ! It also has twitter and yelp integration. There is also a global number search facility.

Safest Call blocker

It is also a light weight call blocking app which does not eats your phone’s valuable resources. It has also a unique wild card blocking system which can help to you block a certain range of numbers. Blocked calls will be erased from the call log of the phone too. The size of these app is 2.4MB and it requires Android 2.3 or more.






LG G4: A Cool Phone

LG G4 is launched in April, 2015. It has a 5.5 inch display with 1440 x 2560 resolution. The phone is powered Dual-core 1.82 GHz Cortex-A57 & quad-core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53 processors. There is a 16 MP primary camera and a 8 MP secondary. The phone is operated by Android 5.1 Lollipop.













Make your decision by watching all these reviews.

Viber Review : An App for Instant Messaging

Viber is an Instant Messaging App available in many platforms for free. It is all about sharing. With the help of this app you Viber Reviewcan share texts, photos and videos with your friends. It scans your phone’s contact list to find out if any of your contacts have a Viber account or not. It then adds them automatically. It is a true multiplatform application as it is available in Android, iOS, Blackberry, Widnows, Mac OSX, and Windows Phone. Viber is a WhatsApp alternative app.

Viber uses a clean and simple interface. That is why it is easy to go. Simplicity is its strength. You can find out the buttons to see the messages, contacts, keypad and more. Under the “more” button you will find the app settings. In the contacts you can find out your Viber contacts and also other contacts.


  • You can make free phone and video calls by using Viber. But these free calls can only be possible between Viber users via internet.
  • As it is an IM app, you can text your friends with it.
  • You can share videos via this app.
  • You can record your voice and then send it to another user.
  • You can share your current location with the help of Viber.
  • Photos, stickers and emoticons are pretty easy to share.
  • There is a cool sticker market to download interesting stickers. There are some animated stickers too.
  • Viber supports group messages with up to 100 users, not bad?
  • You can follow the public chats like twitter and also like them.
  • You can also make calls to non- viber contacts but this option is not free.
  • There is a push notification system to let you know when messages arrive.
  • Viber has inbuilt games too.
  • There is no advertising.
  • It has many languages support like Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish etc.


Viber is easy to use but very powerful. Contacts can be added to favorites and that is why it is easy to find out most used contacts. The call quality is clear and noiseless. It is real fun to use. By using stickers and emoticons friends can easily interact with each other. So, one can use this app for instant messaging without any hesitation.

Lava Spark 10 Review and Specifications : What a Phone !

Lava Spark 10 photo
View Lava Spark 10 from front and rear

Lava Spark 10 is a low budget feature phone for the masses. It is not a smartphone and so do not expect anything super from it. The price of the phone is about Rs.1500. At that low price, one should not expect something like an iPhone, is not it?

Specifications of Lava Spark 10

  • The phone has a 2.4 inch color screen. It has QVGA resolution (320 x 240). It is a transmissive TFT display. It supports 65K colors. The sunlight legibility of the display is moderate.
  • It has a 1.3 MP camera! It is fixed focus. The camera is capable of recording videos. The video is of VGA quality @30 fps. There is a LED flash for low light shooting.
  • The phone has dual standby dual SIMS. Both of these are GSM.
  • Lava Spark 10 supports micro SD cards. You can plug a card up to 16GB!
  • There is a comfortable alphanumeric keyboard in it. There is a four-way navigation key. There are dedicated buttons which are Call, End, Power and Menu.
  • There is a battery of 1100 mAH which gives pretty good backup. It gives 220 hours standby and 8 hours talktime.
  • Lava Spark 10 is a slim phone. It is only 12 mm thick. The phone is 120 mm long. The weight of the phone is only 91 gram.
  • There is the speakerphone feature in it. Though the loudspeaker is not that loud.
  • The Phonebook can store 1000 contacts. You can also use picture caller IDs. You can store 500 SMS, too.
  • There is no 3G support, but you can use EDGE on the phone’s browser. Yes, it has a basic WAP browser.
  • There is a dedicated YouTube video player. You can also play local videos and songs.


Applications and Features

The phone has a very useful torchlight application. There is a call recorder in it. Lava Spark 10 also supports Speed dial and auto redial. There are many other useful applications like alarm clock, converter, World clock, organizer, To-do list, Reminders, Stopwatch, Calender, Calculator etc. The phone supports java games and applications. So, you can use 3rd party apps. The phone also has Hindi language support.



The phone has tremendous value for money. You get so much worth only 1500 rupees. The phone also looks good. On the downside, we can say that the loudspeaker should generate more volume.

You will get a charger and a headphone with the phone. Lava Spark 10 is good buy in the sub-2000 section.

Review of FreindCaster an Android App for Facebook


FriendCaster is one of the best Facebook apps in Android Platform

Many users do not like the official app of Facebook. So, they always try to find out something better. To cater their needs, the developers have loaded the “Google Play” store with a lot of such apps. FreindCaster is one of them.

The app size is not large. At 7 MB, it is much lighter than the official app. The official Facebook app is 23 MB but it takes more than 200MB within a few months on your phone. FreiendCaster will not block so much valuable space of your phone’s memory.

The developers try to keep up with the changes. So, they update it regularly. The current version is 5.4.5. They have fixed any bugs with the recent updates.

The app has a free version. The free version shows ads. If you do not like this then you will have to buy the pro version. The price of the ad-free pro version is $4.95.

This app supports multiple Facebook accounts. You can open more than one account on the app. You will get newsfeeds and notifications from all the open accounts in real time.

FreindCaster- A clean Android app for Facebook

The design of the app is simplistic. That is why it is quiet easy to navigate around it. You can easily find the Messages, Notification, Newsfeed and Events. There are also quick access buttons to update your status, upload a photo or check-in to a location.

The app lets you set your privacy details. There is a pop-up notification system. It is novel but disrupting. You can track all the birthday events of your friends in one convenient location.

You can save any post for further viewing. There is a feature named “Zip it” to hide the unwanted posts.  A very good photo slideshow is built in the app. There is a threaded messaging and chat system.

Let us see what critics are saying about the app. According to Ken East, an expert on management and Android Authority contributor, FriendCaster is the number one third party Android app for Facebook. Other critics are also equally enthusiastic about this app.

If you want to test something else then you can check this list about best Facebook apps for Android. Here you will know about other apps some of which are faster than FriendCaster. There are also apps which have better looking UI. You can also get apps in which multiple social sites can be opened side by side.


Top 5 Android Apps to Hide Picture and Videos

If you want to keep your personal images or videos secret from other users exploring your phone. Or if you want to hide some materials from your kids then you need install any of these apps in your Android phone. Here is the best five among a long list of apps to hide pictures and videos.

1) Hide it Pro

“Hide it Pro” is a clever piece of app. It appears like a music player to others. It will hide all the videos and images behind its fake interface(which is also a totally functioning music player). You can keep these videos and images in different folders. There is also an encryption tool if you need James Bond grade protection.

Hide It Pro Android App for hiding pictures and videos
Hide It Pro

2) AppLock

AppLock is more than a simple app to hide the media files. It can lock and hide mails and messages too. Even you can hide any specific or all apps in your phone. In these way you can hide anything from unwanted access be it a video or an important email.

3) Vaulty

Vaulty uses its own gallery which can be locked. It will hide everything from the gallery and will keep safe and for your eyes only. If anyone tries to unlock it by putting random codes, the app will activate the front camera of your phone to take a photo of the intruder. So, you will be able to identify the peeping Tom later.

4) Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault is clean app. It is very simple to operate. This app hides media very effectively. The app protects to the files by encrypting everything. There is also a unique shake to hide feature.

5) Video Locker

Video Locker uses a simple calculator interface in stealth mode, which is only available in the premium version of the app. It is known to encrypt videos using 128 AES encryption method. It offers high degree of protection. even if your phone’s SD card is stolen, the videos can not be accessed.

I hope that you have liked this list. Do you have any such good app mind?

What is inside a Google Glass?

Technical Specifications of Google Glass

Do you know what is inside the Google Glass gadget? Google Glass has created Google Glass is the craze nowenormous craze among the Gadget enthusiasts. Everybody wants to know the technical specification of it. The details about its specs are discussed below.

This light weight gadget has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options to connect with internet and other devices. The device has 16 GB inbuilt memory but 4 GB will be used by the system. So, there will be 12 GB free space for you.

To keep the weight low, and to make the design look like real spectacles, the Google Glass has a small battery. Google has tried to use special hardware and software manipulation to reduce power usage as much as possible. As a result the small battery is sufficient to power the glass for a long day with moderate uses.

The camera of the Google Plus can take 5 Mega Pixel sized stills. The video recording can be done in 720P HD. When you will wear the glass, there will be a 25 inch virtual display 8 feet away from your eyes.

The Google Glass is a next gen gadget. That is why it does not uses old mini speakerphone system for producing sound. There is transducer on the arms of the glass which sit beside the user’s ear and send sound waves via vibrations through our skull to the inner ear. As a result, more volume can be produced without leaking any sound outside. This bone transfer method is very power efficient too.

The Google Glass has given a RAM chip of 1GB. The system threads and apps will use 342 MB of it. Rest of the RAM space can be utilized by the 3rd party apps. There is a processor named OMAP 4430 at the heart of the device.

There is an ambient light sensor which is essential for a virtual display to work without problem. If you decide to lay down on a bed while watching a movie on your glass, the accelerometer and the gyroscope help to keep the virtual projected display right before your eyes. There is a proximity sensor too.

You can control the device using a touch pad by touching one of the arms of it. There is a MyGlass android app which can be used on any Android device to operate the glass via Bluetooth. You can order it via inbuilt microphone. This latest and trendy gadget can understand certain voice commands.

The Google Glass will come with glasses from famous goggles makers like Ray Ban. You can also fit prescription glasses on it.