Top 5 Android Apps to Hide Picture and Videos

If you want to keep your personal images or videos secret from other users exploring your phone. Or if you want to hide some materials from your kids then you need install any of these apps in your Android phone. Here is the best five among a long list of apps to hide pictures and videos.

1) Hide it Pro

“Hide it Pro” is a clever piece of app. It appears like a music player to others. It will hide all the videos and images behind its fake interface(which is also a totally functioning music player). You can keep these videos and images in different folders. There is also an encryption tool if you need James Bond grade protection.

Hide It Pro Android App for hiding pictures and videos
Hide It Pro

2) AppLock

AppLock is more than a simple app to hide the media files. It can lock and hide mails and messages too. Even you can hide any specific or all apps in your phone. In these way you can hide anything from unwanted access be it a video or an important email.

3) Vaulty

Vaulty uses its own gallery which can be locked. It will hide everything from the gallery and will keep safe and for your eyes only. If anyone tries to unlock it by putting random codes, the app will activate the front camera of your phone to take a photo of the intruder. So, you will be able to identify the peeping Tom later.

4) Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault is clean app. It is very simple to operate. This app hides media very effectively. The app protects to the files by encrypting everything. There is also a unique shake to hide feature.

5) Video Locker

Video Locker uses a simple calculator interface in stealth mode, which is only available in the premium version of the app. It is known to encrypt videos using 128 AES encryption method. It offers high degree of protection.¬†even if your phone’s SD card is stolen, the videos can not be accessed.

I hope that you have liked this list. Do you have any such good app mind?