To 5 Free Call Blocker Apps for Android

Here are the best 5 call blocker apps for Android phones and tablets. This list is the most updated one.


  1. Calls Blacklist
  2. Call Blocker
  3. Blacklist Plus
  4. Truecaller
  5. Safest Call blocker


Calls Blacklist

This app blocks both unwanted calls and SMS. This app is easy to use and lightweight. One can use this app without a long learning curve. The user can block any user from her contacts list. It also helps you to block unknown numbers manually. this app does not consume much battery or CPU power.

Call Blocker

Call blocker helps you to block unwanted calls from sales person or other unwanted fellows. It is developed by “AndroidRock”. It is a popular and successful app. The file size of this app is very small (810 KB).

Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus is a great free Android app to block unwanted calls. It can block the calls in two ways – bay hanging up or by silencing the call. In the 1st case the user will get a call disconnected tone and in the second case the he will hear the ring but the user will not be disturbed.

Vlad Lee is the developer of this app. the footprint of this app is very small (202K).


Truecaller is the most popular among all the call blocking Android apps. It has more than 2 million reviews and among these more than 1.5 million are five stars, amazing ! It also has twitter and yelp integration. There is also a global number search facility.

Safest Call blocker

It is also a light weight call blocking app which does not eats your phone’s valuable resources. It has also a unique wild card blocking system which can help to you block a certain range of numbers. Blocked calls will be erased from the call log of the phone too. The size of these app is 2.4MB and it requires Android 2.3 or more.






How to Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Original Wallpapers for Free

Samsung Galaxy S4 WallpaperYou can download the Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers for without any charge. If you like to get those wallpapers on your non Samsung phone then you may follow the link address given below. These are for the latest version of TouchWiz Nature. These are of HD quality.
Mind you, these 7 wallpapers are the original ones given by Samsung with the S4. Decorate your phone with these.


How to Get Rid of Voice Mail Notification on Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Some users of Samsung Galaxy Nexus may experience a small nuisance, which is the immortal voice mail notification icon. No matter what you have done, the notification is still there that you have a new voice mail, which you do not have. For getting read of it, you might have deleted all the voice mails stored in the inbox, but with no result. So, what is the solution of this problem?

Go to Settings and then Manage Applications. The list of apps will be displayed. Scroll and find out the app named “Dialar”. Now tap on Clear cache/ clear data. That’s it, you have done it. Enjoy your time with Android.